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community & schools

Christine offers enterprising visual solutions to schools and community commission briefs and collaborative projects. She has delivered fabulous art features from murals, mosaics, banners, to sculptures and celebratory artifacts that everyone can treasure. Her innovative approach to arts workshops has proved a winning formula in exciting, engaging and inspiring others, in doing so raising aspirations, imparting new skills and experiences.

Creativity weeks and celebratory projects which deliver murals (on walls, wooden panels or ceramic tiles), mosaics, banners, flags and windsocks have become one of Christine's trademarks as they offer unique opportunities to produce wonderful vibrant artwork for interior and exterior use.

Also available: Gifted and Talented arts workshops , holiday creativity projects, Art Squad intergenerational workshops (for Dads, Grandpas and male carers to work alongside their children), parents & preschool children projects, family and community arts initiatives.





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