fine art

Christine enjoys all forms of creativity, but chooses to specialise in mixed media on canvas or paper, to which she loves to introduce a rich lavish and textured finishes. Her work is often energetic, vibrant and captures the essence of life. She finds that the joy of being an artist is found in being able to experiment, push boundaries and take pleasure in diverse art processes from laying down colour to mark making.

Sources of inspiration are abundant as Christine is inspired by nature and loves to capture special moments, from the dew on flowers to the wind rippling fragile poppy petals, to capturing the home grown delights like her children's first sunflowers. She loves how light dances across water and how the reflections alter; to watching the clouds drifting across the sky...all are endless sources of fascination. Along with luscious spring and summer country gardens which present a profusion of flora, fauna and colour, intermixed with the happiness of children at play and blowing bubbles.

The gallery shows examples of portraits and still life studies, many are available as limited edition Giclee prints



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