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Banners are an amazing participatory art form as they can be painted, printed, stencilled, collaged whilst laying flat. This accessible method of working enables schools and community groups to easily work together on a collaborative basis to deliver outstanding work. The photographs depict the banners Christine has helped produced, each tells its own special story and leaves a lasting legacy.

Christine's recent commission and arts residency at CEDA's Claire Milne Centre involved the disabled students; together they created multi sensory banners which incorporated tactile items, collage and painted elements along with sun powered twinkling lights. .

Banners are a traditional way of flying the colours and have historical links with heraldry, decorative wall cloths (painted tapestries), wall hangings, to the richly appliquéd and embroidered banners paraded by trade unions and cooperatives. They were used in demonstrations to aid protest and show solidarity, yet also utilized on a world wide basis to commemorate special occasions .

Today banners and related art forms such as flags and windsocks present an ideal creative solution for interior and exterior art in the public realm. As these situations present exciting opportunities from temporary installations for community celebrations to grand events like the Olympics.




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